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VL House is a residence that stands on 944 m2 of land with a flat topography. The owner of this residence is a young couple who want a house with privacy from the outside but have their own view on the inside. Natural lighting is the main focus because the owner really likes bright rooms with large openings.

Architect : Pitamasa Studio
Location : Bogor
Land Area : 946 M2
Floor Area : 635 M2
Design Period : February 2023 - June 2023
Construction Period : -
Structure Concultant : Bmp Eng
Mep Concultant : Metacom
Main Contractor : -

Detail Description

This 3 bedroom residence has a characteristic where all the communal areas are integrated with the outer space. The outer space area is focused on the back so that the orientation of the building is towards the back with views of the garden and swinning pool. Large openings are focused on the living area and there is a dining area extension that faces directly onto the pond area. thereby strengthening the impression that the area within the building is one with the elements of the outer space. The master bedroom area is located downstairs with separate access from the living area, the master bedroom has a garden view orientation.

The building structure is designed with round columns so that the structural elements thenselves become aesthet- ics in a building and are able to minimize massive walls. Massive compositions and a moderm facade strengthen the character of this residence side by side with a fashion- able owner.

The selection of building materials is dominated by wood elements for a warm ipression in the building. Wall and floor materials are chosen in bright colors with black accents on building columns and door & window frames to emphasize the shape of the building