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Pitamasa is an architectural studio, interior, and masterplan that established since 2023 in bali. The services we offer include property planning for small, medium and large scopes. Besides that, budgeting for a property is our focus, so that a property has an effective value. Quality is the main thing for us because we believe "every good space will bring good things".

Our current project scope covers all of Indonesia, especially Bali. There are more than five of our ongoing projects both in terms of design and construction stages. Our project scope is dominated by medium scale properties such as houses and villas.

Our team is dominated by young people who have experience, with the enthusiasm of young people, designs with new ideas that are more creative and innovative will be born. The distinctive touch to our work is to combine modernized local characteristics and materials.

Graduated in 2019 at Warmadewa University, then started his architectural career at TDCA Bali, Arkana Architect, Nata Construction then found and develop Pitamasa until now