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N House is a residence that will be used by the owner to spend his old days in Bali. Memories of Bali in the early 2000s were deeply embedded in the memory of the owner, that's how the design was born so that the design was able to bring the owner to the feeling of Bali's golden era

Architect : Pitamasa Studio
Location : Kerobokan, Bali
Land Area : 1100 M2
Floor Area : 518 M2
Design Period : July 2022 - January 2023
Construction Period : Under Construction
Structure Concultant : Erik Deswanta
Mep Concultant : Amep Design
Main Contractor : Loka Prasanthi

Detail Description

The design is divided into several building masses, namely the service area which is in the outer zone separated by the entrance langkul angkul), the main building mass and the building mass for the bedroom. The placement of the building mass itself is very responsive to site cenditions so that user privacy is still there. N house consists of 4 bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, pool and service area. In terms of space division, the pool and gardem form a hierarchy in the middle of the site so that a spacious inpression is formed when entering the house and then there is a long terrate that connects the outside area to each room.

The dominant use of wood elements on the roof frame and some parts of the walls will emphasize the Balinese feel, apart from that the use of palimanan stone material is a strong character from bali 2000s era.