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BT House is a residence located in the new housing area Batubulan, Bali. Consisting of 3 rooms, this residence adopts an urban design concept combined with brick materials as the main pattern.

Architect : Pitamasa Studio
Location : Gianyar, Bali
Land Area : 202 M2
Floor Area : 168 M2
Design Period : January 2019 - July 2019
Construction Period : Finished Proccesed
Structure Concultant : Bmp Eng
Mep Concultant : -
Main Contractor : -

Detail Description

By design, this residence is made into a semi villa with an entrance circulation that is not direct to the building but there is a transition through the terrace area. This can make a more luxurious impression on the house. The layout of the building is made more compact with connunal areas gathered on the lower floors and all rooms on the upper floors. Even though it's compact, it doesn't reduce the comfort aspect of space. Large openings with sliding doors in the living and dining areas can be a pathway for air circulation into the room. All areas of the building can be reached by light, including the stair area, which has a skylight at the top

The building facade emghasizes the formation of horizontal and vertical lines to emphasize the urban concept. The front garden area is made bigger so that in appearance. the house looks bigger and more luxuriaus. The garden in the interior area of the house is still a view orientation. and the wooden decking terrace is a transitional area between the interior and outdoor areas. The selection of materials that are simpler, in line with brick materials but low maintenance is a lot of choices. This is able to save the budget during construction.