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This property has a business concept which will later be sold fully furnished, standing on 462 m2 of land, built two units of villas with a joint parking system into one area at the front. From the parking area there is a corridor that tonnects to each unit. The challenge in this project is to maintain the original contours of the site that slope down towards the main building.

Architect : Pitamasa Studio
Location : Babakan, Canggu
Land Area : 462 M2
Floor Area : 332 M2
Design Period : January 2023 - June 2023
Construction Period : Under Construction
Structure Concultant : Joso Structure
Mep Concultant : -
Main Contractor : Nata Construction

Detail Description

One villa unit has a land area of 150m2 with 2 floors of the building. Each unit has living, dining, kitchen, seating area, service area and pool on the lower floor. Two rooms are on the top floor. The orientation of the building leads to a view of the rice fields on the east side of the site so that it maximizes sunlight in the morning. The pool area is designed to overflow and without massive walls so that from the living and dining areas you get a direct view of the rice fields.

The concept of this building elevates the mininalist aspect of the building so that in terms of mass formation it is simpler with a basic square shape. There are not too many building materials with the dominant light gray color on the exterior and interior of the building. the use of natural stone only as am accent on several walls that become vocal points. The interior furniture is designed with the dominance of solid teak wood with a natural finish, so that the minimalist impression is still fell throughout the interior of the building without reducing the luxury of the interiar of the building.